Made it! I was too nervous and not eloquent enough for a top grade, but hey, I passed. I think I'll only be able to relax for a few moments after I've passed my other 5 exams (this one is the only mandatory one, so to say). Need to change my learning tactics... and really, really need to sleep, but I can't, because I'm learning. Like always at this time of year, I also want to write, but have no time for it. I felt so good yesterday. It's melting away, the knot.

Listening to Maaya Sakamoto unplugged (Tune the rainbow is playing right now... now Danielle), I have become pointlessly nostalgic. My feeling is not directed toward anything specific set in the past, it's just a general bittersweet melancholy. Like touching upon something inside yourself that represents your past, and finding that it hurts a little. However, it's not bad, as long as I don't start obsessing over that feeling (uh-oh).
Apart from that, I have a swishy new skirt. Yay for swishy fashion-victim-ish skirts! Also, I kind of have a new fetish, and his name is Christian Bale. Ever since HYD ended, I've been feeling empty... you should see that video I made a short while ago and how I kept the camera on a picture of Rui. ... So much for obsessing. Hey, Pisces are prone to getting addicted, so it just takes a while longer for me (because I am cool like that... I guess). Though I sure hope I'll never get tired of Rui (insert random annoying cooing sounds here).

Just thinking of going back to this nice nice blog. Lj has become painful. For starters, I am trying to figure out how to archive.
Them olden times